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The Way Forward for US is With Principles and Policy

The insurrection on Capitol Hill this past week was absolutely horrifying and goes against everything we stand for as a Nation — violence is not the answer, peaceful assembly & discourse is. The House must impeach and the Senate must convict President Trump, thus disqualifying him from holding “any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States.” The political fallout has echoed throughout our county; individuals who are for restoring a sense of governing and not constant political warfare have a choice to make. For me, the choice is simply — be part of the solution.

Our movement could have a home with the Serve America Movement (SAM), which is led by former Florida Congressman David Jolly. SAM is a big tent political organization guided by a set of general principles, rather than an overarching ideology bent. Principles over ideology is a better approach because it will help foster relations and produce genuine compromises and actual policy solutions. The future of America is not on a left/right paradigm but based in a compromised center. I see little sunlight between Principle First’s Declaration of Principles and Pillars, and SAM’s Mission and Vision; I believe these organizations can be natural partners.

We have the opportunity to bring our mindset, as Biden Republicans, from Principles First to help influence the policy and direction of SAM, as they were just founded in 2017. Combined Principles First and SAM could become a serious and viable strong ideological center, pro-democracy party focused on principles and policy that works for everyone.

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