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Texas Senate to Hear House Version of Election Integrity Bill

This article was originally published August 30th on KTRH and can be found here.

Houston Democrat Senfronia Thompson offered a veiled threat to Texas Republicans after their election integrity bill passed last week.

“You will reap what you sow,” she said. “It won’t be years or decades from now. It will be sooner than you think.”

Gov. Greg Abbott is eager to sign the bill once it clears the Texas Senate.

Thompson was among the House Democrats who fled to D.C. in protest of the bill. Congressman Chip Roy, R-TX, ripped into her when she and two colleagues argued the overhaul was not needed.

“In 2014 at the United States District of Corpus Christi, Democratic election expert Buck Wood was asked if there was a voting fraud occurring by mail, his response was ‘yes, very definitely.’ In 2007, your colleague Rafael Anchia said ‘vote by mail that we know is the greatest source of voter fraud in this state.'”

“When we dive into ballot harvesting charges and you have one individual, you’ll find 150 or 200 incidents of fraud attached to that one individual,” Roy said during a virtual discussion about HR 1.

Most Texans also oppose Harris County’s universal mail in ballots and 24-hour voting under the guise of COVID.

“What started all this was the expansion of ways to vote that Harris County did. For the most part, those expansions were not supported by the people who answered our survey,” said Bill King, state chair of the Serve America Movement (SAM) Party

A recent SAM election bill survey showed 65% of respondents were against 24-hour voting, while 62% did not want drive-thru voting.

“There is some real technical problems with taking the voting machines out of the polling place and trying to secure them outside,” King added. “Mailing an application for mail-in ballots to everybody in the county when only 20 or 30 percent of the people qualify.”

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