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Shutdown for What?

All the chaos brings in millions. Why would the parties want to stop it?

These days, our political reality can feel like an out-of-control episode of Veep. One comically extreme solution after the next — from both ends of the political spectrum — dominates cable news, our Facebook feeds and, often, our dinner tables.

As yet another government shutdown continues, this new “normal” — a perfect storm of half-baked cynicism, mistrust and one-upmanship — can start to feel like a staple of American politics.

But constant infighting and political hostage-taking don’t exactly inspire confidence. In fact, most folks believe the #1 problem facing our country right now is our own government — the people who are supposed to be solving our problems. Gee, go figure.

So with the vast majority of our country ready for Washington to reopen, why is it that no party or politician seems to be able to get things moving again? And why does this keep happening regardless of who’s in power?

Chaos Makes it Rain

Well, to be blunt: the parties don’t really care that you’re ready for Washington to reopen. Life is easier for their armies of consultants, professional fundraisers and PR firms when you’re bickering. And their bank accounts are usually growing. (Oh, and as non-government employees, they don’t have to worry about being furloughed.)

So instead of solving problems, they spend their days trying to convince us that every issue is black and white — all or nothing. They want us to accept the process as unchangeable. And they want us to believe that, in order for something to work for us, it can’t work for someone else.

That’s why the same handful of topics always dominates the conversation (and the trending hashtags). That’s why it feels like we’re always forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. And that’s why every difficult conversation seems to devolve into finger-pointing, false assumptions and unending frustration.

Need Proof? Check Your Inbox.

You don’t need to look any further than the last email a candidate or party sent you. They know how to turn controversies and chaos into cold, hard cash.

Do these look familiar?

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Here’s their tried and true recipe:

  1. Choose a random hot-button issue (or person) 🎯
  2. Say something really extreme. Scare voters 😱 and/or get them angry! 🤬
  3. Tell them a donation is the quickest way to help 💸
  4. Watch the money roll in 😎

Now, we’re not saying that it’s wrong to ask folks to support you. In fact, it’s the only way grassroots groups like SAM can do good work without bajillionaire megadonors.

But the party bosses know that they can make more money by fighting over an issue than actually sitting down to solve it. They hold the solutions hostage and demand we pay the ransom. In other words, they’ve never met a crisis they didn’t love!

A Better Way

As long as America’s two dominant parties remain in control, our politics will only grow more extreme, more divisive and more volatile. This can’t happen.

That’s why we’re building a brand new political party — one for the millions of Americans who feel betrayed by their tribes and are brave enough to build something better.

Sound interesting to you? Good. We’re going to need you. Because we’re going up against one of the most powerful and entrenched two-party machines in history.

What Can I Do?

Great question! You can start by helping us get the word out about our new party — SAM. We produced this awesome video and need you to share with as many people as you can (even especially the ones who troll your Facebook comments).

Oh, and be sure to join our mailing list so we can plug you in when there’s something you can do to help.-

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