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‘Serve America Movement’ political party aims to fix Texas’ broken politics – and electric grid

This article was originally published June 22nd on Chron and can be found here.

There’s a new party forming in one of the “most fun” states in America—but not the kind you may be thinking.

The “Serve America Movement,” or SAM, is Texas’ newest political party. The party consists of current and former Democrats, Republicans and Independents who have banded together to “fix America’s broken politics,” per its official website.

What SAM Texas is creating is a coalition that is a true big tent coalition,” said David Jolly, SAM executive chairman and former Florida Congressman, per Capital Tonight’s Staff. “Bring your ideology. We want to welcome it. We want to work together as Texans to solve problems in a way that addresses the greatest consensus among voters.”

The SAM Party of Texas is official! @BillKingHouston @DavidJollyFL— The SAM Party (@samforus) June 21, 2021

While political analysts believe the party’s anti-Trump supporters could pose a problem for Texas, where former President Donald Trump “among many Republicans is still very popular.” But Jolly wants to make one thing clear: SAM isn’t an anti-Trump group, nor does it want to be.

The state’s electric grid problems—which returned to the forefront when millions of Texans were left sitting in the dark during February’s historic winter freeze — is one issue that SAM is focusing on. (It’s the reason Texans, to this day, haven’t forgiven ERCOT, or Gov. Greg Abbott).

“We want an independent commission to study what happened in the storm,” SAM Texas Chairman Bill King said, per Capital Tonight. “Clearly the legislation passed did not do that, didn’t come close to doing that. What SAM stands for is transparency, for honest fact-finding and for pragmatism.”

SAM Texas hopes to get 80,000 signatures on the ballot so candidates can run under the SAM banner soon, per KTRK-13’s Tom Abraham.

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