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SAM-TX: The SAM Party Announces State Leadership Team

AUSTIN, TX (December 2nd, 2021) –

Since filing as a political party in June, the SAM Party of Texas has been building out its leadership team. The members are former Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are committed to disrupting the current duopoly that is leading to political extremism and self-serving politics.

SAM is proud to have these dedicated Texans leading its efforts.

Chris Harte – State Vice-Chair – Chris is the former publisher and chairman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the former chair of Harte-Hanks. He is a member of the national board of directors of SAM and a founder of the party. He has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Chris Bell – State Vice-Chair for Outreach – Chris is a former U.S. Member of Congress, Member of the Houston City Council and the 2005 Democratic nominee for Governor.

David Flores – Executive Director of Latino Outreach – David is a commercial real estate investor and developer. He is a proud Aggie and Houston Cougar, traces his Texas roots back to 1755, has run finance for several political campaigns and is a former U.S. Army Officer.

Paula Arnold – Harris County Chair – Paula is a former member and president of the Houston Independent School Board and the former Communications Director of the Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Reed Williams – Bexar County Chair – Reed is a former member of the San Antonio City Council and a retired energy executive. Reed formerly chaired the City of San Antonio’s Committee on Energy Preparedness and currently chairs the Rate Advisory Committee for CPS Energy.

Jeremy Brown – Dallas County Chair – Jeremy is the managing member of a business litigation law firm based in the Dallas area. He is a proud Longhorn and graduated with Honors from The George Washington University Law School.

John Keller – Tarrant County Chair – John is retired from his role as the global electrical energy manager and buyer for a Fortune 100 company.

Mark Miller – Hayes County Chair – Mark is a retired petroleum engineer and University of Texas faculty member and was the Libertarian nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner in 2014 and 2016.

Jeff Harper – Bastrop County Chair – Jeff is a real estate agent, serves on the board of the League of Independent Voters of Texas, and was active in the Reform Party during the 90s.

Deborah Albers – Williamson County Chair – Deborah is a vice president of a non-profit organization that helps companies develop sustainable supply chains.

In addition to these individuals, SAM has appointed approximately two dozen other county chairs and house district chairs.

Bill King, the SAM state chair said, “We are very excited that so many consequential Texans are stepping forward to accept leadership roles in the SAM Party. It is clear that those of us who want civility, pragmatic problem solving, transparency, fair elections and honest fact-finding are a majority in Texas. We simply must come together to ensure that our voices are heard over the din of political extremism that dominates today.”

Statement from Chris Bell – “I have always considered myself a uniter, not a divider, and the sad truth is that neither Democrats nor Republicans are looking to agree on much of anything these days. The only way politics will change nationally and here in Texas is with a strong centrist third party and that’s what SAM represents.

Statement from David Flores – “The Hispanic/Latino community for too long has been either taken for granted or marginalized. The SAM Party seeks to change that and put people before politics. It is a return to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Now more than ever, Hispanics are asking what can we do for our country? The SAM Party embodies this ethic and makes it a new party for a new majority.”

Statement from Paula Arnold – “The two-party system is clearly broken both nationally and especially in Texas as was so vividly demonstrated by the recent Legislative session which passed multiple bills which were opposed by a large majority of Texans. The blatant gerrymandering of the legislative districts has led to the election of partisans that do not reflect the view of ordinary Texans. I believe the only hope to break this cycle is a third party which will provide some balance that will lead to common sense public policy.”

About SAM: The SAM Party of Texas is a diverse coalition of voters dedicated to electing candidates to solve problems facing Texans by refusing to participate in the irreconcilable political polarization between the two major parties that is destroying our democracy. A large and vibrant state such as Texas requires independent-minded public servants – not politicians – who will stand for pragmatic common-sense solutions over rigid ideology. We welcome all, regardless of their views on particular issues, who are committed to governance based on civil discourse, transparency, accountability, honest fact-finding, and fair, competitive elections.

Read more about SAM texas on SAM STUDIO

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