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SAM party petition calls for an independent investigation into Texas Power Grid failure

Last Friday, The SAM Party announced a petition calling for an independent investigation into the Texas power grid failure that left millions of Texans without power, warmth, and water. A link to the Texas power grid failure petition can be found here.


The petition, which has already received over 600 signatures, calls on Governor Abbot and the Legislature to establish an independent commission to accomplish four tasks:

  1. Investigate the causes of the February electrical grid failure.
  2. Determine steps that should be taken to ensure such a failure does not occur again.
  3. Make an accurate assessment of the damage caused and the number of lives lost.
  4. Perform a complete accounting on the approximately $50 billion that was charged during the crisis.

The commission should include representatives of all relevant stakeholders, including consumers and subject matter experts.

For more information on The SAM Party, please go to or email The SAM Party at 

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