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SAM-NY Welcomes Governor Hochul, Asks Her to Restore Minor Parties to Ballot Status

SAM-NY (the Serve America Movement of New York), congratulates Governor Kathy Hochul on becoming governor of the Empire State. We call on her to work together with people of all political parties to bring greater transparency, fairness, electoral reform, and accountability back to Albany.

That is why as she assumes office, SAM-NY calls on Governor Hochul to restore the parties chosen by over 500,000 New Yorkers that Governor Cuomo summarily disqualified without any debate or review by the legislature.

SAM-NY consistently has advocated for more choice and electoral change in the rules governing the state’s antiquated and rigged electoral system.  Instead, Governor Cuomo has worked tirelessly to reduce choice and add more protective rules supporting the two major parties’ lock on government.

SAM-NY had earned party status under the then-current rules when former Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner, a Democrat, and former Pelham Mayor Michael Volpe, a Republican, ran on SAM’s fusion ticket for Governor and Lt. Governor in 2018 by receiving more than the 50,000 votes to achieve a ballot line for the following four years.

The people of New York have watched with deep disappointment as leaders from both major parties have been removed due to crimes and scandals and while doing little to improve the lives of everyday New Yorkers. This list includes Governors Spitzer and Cuomo, as well as elected officials from both parties including Shelly Silver, Dean Skelos, John Sampson, Eric Schneiderman, Malcolm Smith — the list goes on and on!!

“At SAM-NY, we believe in term limits for Governors, Lt. Governors, Comptroller and Attorney General as well as Senators and Assembly members. We believe in real transparency around all issues, most importantly the state budget,” declared SAM-NY Chair Michael Volpe. “We advocate for fairness as opposed to retaliation from governmental leaders, and we demand reform of the antiquated state agencies, processes, and laws including our NY election laws which discourage voter choice and participation. Most of all, elected leaders MUST always be held accountable to the voters.” 

The current ballot access law forced through by Governor Cuomo prevents choice when New Yorkers cast their ballot for all offices, including the election of the President, Governor, Congress, and the state legislature.

“Governor Hochul you are known to be fair, moderate, thoughtful, and caring,” concluded Volpe. “Let’s work together to ensure that all New Yorkers experience the new beginning you are offering as you guide New York through this challenging time.”

For more information on SAM-NY, visit, or to speak with SAM-NY Chair Volpe, please contact Dan Murphy at 914-714-4370,

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