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SAM CT Endorses State Representative Caroline Simmons for Mayor of Stamford, Connecticut

SAM CT Endorses State Representative Caroline Simmons for Mayor of Stamford, Connecticut

SAM CT Endorses Candidates Who Support Voters’ Rights, Transparency, Accountability and Cross-Partisanship: Says Simmons “Stood Up for Voters”

Monte Frank, Chair of SAM CT, a Connecticut affiliate of SAM, the Serve America Movement, today announced that SAM CT has endorsed State Representative Caroline Simmons (D-144th) for Mayor of Stamford in the November 2021 municipal election.

Monte Frank commended Simmons’ commitment to putting voters first and the shared values of accountability, transparency, problem solving and electoral competition.  SAM-CT believes Simmons will champion these principles of good governance in Stamford.

SAM CT applauded Simmons’ support for the legislative resolution to amend the State constitution to allow for early voting in Connecticut and her support of other democracy reform measures.

Representative Simmons has said publicly that “early voting is critical to modernizing our elections and making the voting process more accessible” and that it “provides flexibility and expanded access to the polls, allowing more people to exercise their sacred right to vote in Connecticut.”

Simmons also voted in support of expanded absentee voting this year due to COVID-19 and has said she “will continue to stand up for voting rights and free and fair elections.”

State Representative Simmons is Co-Chair of the Commerce Committee and a Member of the Higher Education and Employment and Public Safety Committees.  She is challenging two-term incumbent Mayor David Martin for the Democratic nomination.

Monte Frank, Chair of SAM CT said SAM endorsements are based on candidates’ positions on key election and democracy reforms proposed by SAM CT, including:

•         Moving to a single taxpayer funded, nonpartisan primary open to all voters

•         Adopting Ranked Choice Voting

•         Adopting a permanent Vote by Mail Option for all state and federal elections

“SAM CT supports candidates who stand for these basic democracy reforms that will provide more choices for voters and enable the best and brightest candidates in Connecticut to emerge as our leaders,” Monte Frank said. “During the pandemic when it was important to stand up for voters’ rights, Representative Simmons stood up.” 

“SAM supports candidates who live by the SAM pillars of accountability and transparency and will advocate for them as elected officials,” said former Congressman David Jolly, Executive Chairman of SAM. “The candidates endorsed by SAM CT have demonstrated a commitment to reform our democratic process and to encourage true cross-partisan problem solving.”

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