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Inclusion & Diversity

Happy International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month from SAM

This International Women’s Day, we’re looking at the state of women in politics and how American women view our political system.

As of 2022, women make up just over half of our population. So, wouldn’t you think women would make up around half of our congressional seats, too? Unfortunately, they only take up 27% or 144 of the 539 available seats. That’s a problem.

At SAM, we’ve built a platform focused on listening, inviting, and collaborating to solve our political problems. To us, a problem can only be solved if we talk to those affected by it and have the opportunity to take on their perspectives.

That’s one of the reasons we’ve rejected the ideological approach of other parties altogether. It’s also likely why 37% of women have done the same. Because a party that doesn’t represent everyone will have a hard time coming up with sustainable solutions that help others.

Our goal is simple – to deliver the most good to the most people. We know that not everyone will agree on everything, but we still need to represent everyone – that includes ensuring women are represented. 

So how do we fix this? We encourage people like you to use your voice and empower other women to run for office. Internally in our organization, we are committed to amplifying women’s voices. Over a third of our board and a whopping 60% of our staff are women – from different backgrounds, industries, and locales.

Follow us this Women’s History Month for profiles of the Women of SAM, and consider running for office with us, or donating to help make real change. 

We at SAM champion all people’s perspectives and unique input, because it’s time that everyone is represented fairly. We cannot do that without women. From us all on the SAM Team – Happy International Women’s Day & Women’s History Month.

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