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SAM News Alert: From Republican to No Affiliation, to Serve America Movement

In advance of January 6, CNN has done a remarkable profile on the changing politics of a deep red county in central Pennsylvania, including a profile of SAM’s very own Ethan Demme.

Ethan serves as our Pennsylvania State Chair and recently sat down with CNN to discuss his journey into independent politics and specifically SAM.

Read the Article, How January 6 changed what it means to be a Republican in one Pennsylvania county, here.

A life-long Republican and elected town supervisor who’d spent over 20 years in politics, Demme’s story looks like many others at the time – a passionate politico looking to do good by his community and state through his leadership in the GOP. But as the party chose its direction of the last five years, Ethan chose a different one. 

With his leadership – and along with other Republicans, Democrats, and Independents – a new chapter of the Serve America Movement was formed in Pennsylvania shortly after the events of January 6, 2021. The vision is simple – transform politics in Pennsylvania, give everyone a voice, encourage more people to vote, recruit more candidates for public office, and create a government for all.

We hope you’ll check out this important profile of Ethan and of the politics of Lancaster County. We likewise invite you to find your new political home at SAM – where you’re free to disagree, discover, and affect real change.

In Pennsylvania, and nationwide –
join us, at

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