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New York

At SAM NY We Seek Solutions not Soundbites

By SAM New York Chairman, Michael Volpe

SAM-NY, the newest political party in New York State, was founded on four fundamental beliefs that all  voters deserve, and are more important now more than ever:

  1. Accountability to the voters through dialogue, town halls, communications and reporting on successes and failures
  2. Transparency on all issues. Full and complete openness, and the ability for every New Yorker to have easy access to the same information that our elected leaders have.
  3. Problem Solving based on facts and science, not on one political party’s beliefs
  4. Election Reform, which allows all voices to be heard and encourages voter participation

The recent failures of the two-party system are revealing itself in the everyday problems facing New Yorkers,

Budget deficits for the State of NY and City of NY were at alarming levels, BEFORE the pandemic.  In the race for NYC Mayor this year, and in the race for Governor next year, candidates must be taken to task to propose serious ideas to rebuild our economy. If we don’t take action, it will take most of this decade to repair, and simply “taxing the rich” is not a solution.

Real reform is needed in public education and in how we deliver health care to the poor and working class. The current public sector pension system is unsustainable in the long term. Without addressing these issues, flight from New York will continue.

At SAM, we have criticized Governor Cuomo for years. He and his cronies have proven to be bullies, grandstanders, power hungry and not really interested in making certain democracy works. Rather than jumping on the opportunistic band wagon and calling for Governor Cuomo’s resignation, we call on New Yorkers to look to the SAM alternative. Make a choice with your vote that will help New Yorkers stay and fix our problems, and provide future generations a reason to stay.

Michael Volpe, Chair, SAM-NY

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