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The Re-Election of SAM party Candidate Dan Rosenthal

The Serve America Movement today announces the re-election of SAM Candidate Dan Rosenthal to First Selectman of Newtown, Connecticut. Similar to the position of Mayor, the First Selectman serves as the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Town.

It is a great win for SAM, Connecticut, and the multi-party system.

This election follows three years of monumental growth for the Serve America Movement – operating as The SAM Party in Connecticut.

We expect to recruit and run additional candidates in Connecticut in 2022 – including Governor and Lt. Governor candidates. All of this is possible by the 2018 independent run of Oz Griebel and Monte Frank – securing the party ballot line for SAM in CT.

The Serve America Movement has also filed party paperwork in four states (CT, TX, NY, and PA) and is building other committees throughout the USA. We promote candidates that champion transparency, accountability, competition, and fair governance. Learn more about our party approach, here.

We at SAM are proud to have a third-party candidate elected – especially one of the caliber of Daniel Rosenthal. Watch the video below to hear directly from Rosenthal about his governing philosophy and why he chose SAM.



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